Why SEO Is Better Than PPC?

When it comes to generating traffic online, both SEO and PPC play a crucial role. While SEO is planned for long term success, PPC can be described as a short-term fix. We have shared below just a few reasons why SEO is better than PPC.

  • Reliability
    People tend to trust organic listings more than paid ads. According to the statistics from SERPs behavior studies, 77% of search users choose organic over paid listing when searching, 67% choose organic search when purchasing.
  • Appealing
    The organic searches are more appealing than the paid ads. People click on organic search 8.5 times more than the paid search results.
  • Durability
    SEO takes time to show you results, and the results are long-lasting. So, in case of SEO, it gives a more long-lasting visit to your site than PPC.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Unlike paid search, the traffic from organic search is free. There is no cost per conversion, no cost per click, or no cost per impression. That is the reason SEO has always been the most popular option for small businesses.
  • Wide visibility
    While PPC can only be visible in one search engine, SEO can enable you to be visible on different search engines like yahoo, Bing, Google, etc.
  • Traffic gathering power
    SEO can bring 85% more traffic than PPC. Since SEO is a continuous process, it keeps on attracting visitors to your site. On the other hand, PPC is a one-time process, and you have to invest again to continue the process.