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    What is AMP?

    Your website is the digital identity of your business. So, making it optimized on every device is a must if you want to encourage the new audience every day. Nowadays, most people use their Smartphones to search for a product or service before making a buying decision. So, if you are a business owner, designing a mobile-friendly website is a must.

    AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is the latest technology used in developing and optimizing fast loading web pages on any mobile device. In October 2015, Google first introduced AMP to make the website faster for mobile users. Research says that there are more than 1.7 billion AMP pages from 861,000 with over 35 million new pages adding every week. So, the best way to gather more users is, implementing AMP to your website.

    Web Digital IT Services offers you the extraordinary AMP web design services that lead to conversion and reach your business goals. With our well-crafted strategies, you can engage new customers, enhance the client retention rate and accomplish your online marketing objectives.

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    Why is AMP Important for My Business Growth?

    By implementing AMP, you can load your web pages faster on mobiles and tablets, and encourage your potential visitors to stay longer on your site engaged with your content. When your website loads faster on mobile, it eliminates the waiting time and keeps the users’ interest intact. This also minimizes the bounce rate and higher your mobile ranking.

    AMP has the potential to make your audience satisfied, which means a lot to Google. When you please Google, you ensure high ranking and bring more traffic. This leaves a positive impact on your revenue.

    AMP is not magic, and it will not increase your ranking magically in the SERPs. You would need great content and greater strategies to make your AMP implementation successful. We, at Web Digital IT, ensure your AMP works effectively for your site and offers you greater ranking with fast load time and superb content.

    AMP Important for My Business Growth
    Website for Mobile Devices

    Why Build a Website for Mobile Devices?

    Mobile computing has now changed the way to consume online content, and this is the reason creating mobile-friendly websites has been a priority for web professionals. An efficient web designer keeps the increasing number of mobile-centric audience in mind while building your audience.

    Developing responsive web site design can also work well on all devices, and a focus on website performance and fast download speed benefit both users and the businesses. Therefore, people often choose a responsive web design for their mobile audience.

    Another approach to keep your website ready for the mobile audience is AMP web development. Backed by Google, AMP was created to enable website publishers to develop sites that load more quickly on mobile. It is more like a responsive web design.

    So, How Does AMP Differ From Responsive Web Design?

    Both Accelerated mobile pages and responsive websites work on a mobile phone, but they are different for having different goals. Just like, AMP can work with an existing website, while responsive web design would replace the current website.

    Responsive web design is a process of organizing and designing a website that works efficiently on any device, be it a computer or a mobile phone. Responsive web design is basically focussed on flexibility. On the other hand, AMP is a web framework specially designed for delivering content to mobile users instantly. AMP is focused on speed.

    While AMP particularly works with static content, responsive web design can be used for any website. AMP is ideal for news articles, informational pages, blog entries, and other published content. Responsive web design is well equipped for things like custom applications and web forms.

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    How Does AMP Affect User-Experience?

    Having a good user experience is good for business. When your website offers a good user experience, people are more likely to trust your business, engage with your website and share it with friends.

    Google’s search algorithm prefers websites that provide a good user experience. Google also has two primary indicators to check the user experience on mobile and the speed of your site. This is true that responsive web design makes a site mobile-friendly, but it fails miserably when it comes to speed.

    However, AMP is highly optimized to enhance your site’s user experience and speed. Since the AMP project was created by Google, it shows you clearly what to do to make your site fast and mobile-friendly and impress Google.

    AMP Affect User-Experience

    Does My Website Need AMP?

    The main motto of accelerated mobile pages is to solve a very specific problem that is, delivering the mobile-friendly published content fast. With AMP, websites can deliver published content to mobile users as fast as possible, and this provides users with a better user experience.

    When AMP is implemented, your website will be accessible on any device and any size of the screen easily, be it big or small. We create a website that can easily be navigated by the users on their mobile.

    At Web Digital IT Services, we aim to help clients to deliver fast and user-friendly mobile experiences. We have leveraged our years of experience in optimizing mobile websites to create a platform for adding AMP to existing websites. We implement AMP customized content to make your website more user-friendly as well as search engine friendly than ever. When your website is properly optimized, Google can easily discover your pages and rank your website high.

    Why Should I Hire An AMP Web Design Company?

    Only a professional AMP web design company can help you with the most efficient services and resources. They have a pool of AMP developers with rich experience added with the expertise to develop and deliver exactly what you need.

    When you choose the right AMP website development company, 100% quality standard and client satisfaction are ensured. You can be assured that the AMP developers are highly skilled and trained to deliver your project with high-level performance and maintain absolute quality standards.

    Protecting confidentiality is another quality of an AMP developer. Maintaining the confidentiality of every client is their top priority. They maintain the latest data security best practices, compliance and regulations. At Web Digital, we offer scalable AMP development solutions to help you get the most out of it. Ready to discuss your project? Get in touch with us today!

    AMP Web Design Company

    Why Web Digital IT Services?

    Being tech-ingenious, innovative thinking, and the world-class AMP website design and development company, Web Digital IT Services ensures the out of the box web design services at the most competitive prices. With decades of experience and more than 10,000 satisfied clients in web design and development, we provide exceptional AMP development services globally at the most competitive prices.

    Our skilled AMP developers use AMP while developing your website to boost the efficiency of your website and attain more sales. By implementing effective AMP, we make sure your conversion rate is increased.

    By implementing AMP open-source format, we create the web pages that load faster and offer a smooth and more engaging experience to the users on desktop and mobile applications. When implemented AMP, you get the fastest loading website on any device, be it mobile or tablets. Thus, with AMP, we provide exceptional mobile-friendly solutions for your business.

    How Web Digital Help You Boost Your Site’s Performance with AMP?

    We, at Web Digital IT Services, implement AMP on your website so that you can get the most out of it. With AMP we evaluate your website on mobile and tablets with ease and ensure you improve your ROI significantly. With efficient AMP web design, we help in eliminating the issues that slow the loading process.

    By implementing the right strategy, we ensure your pages load faster than ever on any device. Having extensive experience in the particular field, our experts know how to use the latest technology AMP tools for organizing, proper reusing and structuring of the content and other elements.

    Our AMP developers know how to build a fascinating UI for your webpages and enhance its user experience. We are skilled enough to use the tools in the most efficient way possible. Have a website, but does not load fast on mobile devices? Then implement AMP today to drive results and experience a better ROI. Contact us at any time you want with your queries and let our consultant help you out with the most effective solutions.

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