What Is SEO Techniques?

Which SEO Techniques Are Popular?

SEO techniques are classified into two broad categories: They are -White Hat SEO – Techniques that search engines recommend as part of a good design. Black Hat SEO – Techniques that search engines do not approve and attempt to minimize the effect of. These techniques are also known as spamdexing.
Google is getting smarter and more powerful all the time — not only at analyzing and understanding web pages but also at how effective it is at keeping people within its framework.

Improve User Experience Across Your Entire Site

Let’s kick things off with a brief explanation of what Google’s goal as a search engine is. Just like any search engine, their objective is to find the best possible results for each user’s query. If they fail on this front, users are less likely to use the search engine again.

Optimize for voice search

With 25% of U.S. adults now owning a smart speaker. We can say that the voice search is definitely something you should include in your SEO strategy. For voice search optimization, you need to use long-tail keywords and boost the chances of your information to answer a voice query over a competitor.

Design for mobile-first

While voice search is important, time has shown that it’s not quite as an essential tool as we predicted — especially when it comes to conversions. Whether this means voice search will never be critical to e-commerce marketers, or simply needs to evolve, it will remain to be seen. The mobile version of your site will be crawled and indexed ahead of the desktop version, if the desktop version gets crawled at all.